Blow Boxes & Dryer Plenums

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Blow Boxes
Our blow boxes are the best in the industry. They are designed to ensure perfect drying uniformity and are easy to adjust during production with blow box dampers. The design is optimized with computer simulations, CFD, and the functionality is proven in numerous dryers, both conventional longitudinal and cross flow style.

Gyptech has rebuilt several dryers from single side delivery to dual side delivery for better board quality.


Dryer Plenums
Gyptech Dryer Plenums with nozzle box damper manoeuvre linkage are of a well proven design to eliminate “hot spots” and thus minimize wear and corrosion due to condensation in cold corners. The plenums are built to last and to be easy to install and maintain with full height doors.

Gyptech has replaced old plenums with new ones on several types
of dryers.