Other components

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Gyptech can modernize your plant with small means. Our continuous development leads to new innovations for all items in a dryer and for other process equipment.


Machine skates
Support rollers for dryer expansion.
Heavy duty design built to last.





Dryer Seals
Gyptech’s dryer seals have maintenance free stainless seal flaps for dryer inlets, outlets and between zones.
The seals are designed to be gentle to the boards.





Inspection Doors
Custom made inspection doors to access ductwork, etc.
Well insulated doors with air tight seals lockable both in open and closed position.





Single or multiple blade dampers in both round and rectangular design.
Our dampers can be supplied with or without automatic actuators.





Expansion joints
Custom design based on condition. The fabric is of Multi-ply design and the steel parts has raised flanges for easy replacements of the fabric parts. All-metal expansion joints are also available.