Heat recovery systems

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Gyptech are in the forefront of energy efficiency with possible savings of up to 30%. In addition to streamlining the dryer gas usage we can offer equipment to utilize the waste heat for other processes.

Heat recovery Systems
Our Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger is of Stainless steel tubular type with large diameter tubes for easy cleaning. The Air-to-Air heat exchangers make dryer operations more economical. They can also be used for heating ventilation air to eliminate condensation problems at wet transfer area. We also provide Air to water heat exchangers suitable for process water heating and for local heating.

Electricity Savings
Many Dryers consume more electrical power than necessary and the electricity consumption can often be reduced with small means; sometimes just by changing how the dryer is operated. Our site engineers can offer suggestions on what is attainable.

Gyptech offers process specific Energy Optimizations to salvage heat containing process air that otherwise would have been lost. This can often be achieved with small means like a minor duct re-routing.